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  Zeolite An Amazing Mineral

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Zeolite Absorbs Almost Anything

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I decided to enter the powerwashing business to clean up driveways. I was having conciderable success, but I was concerned about the harsh chemicals that I was having to use to get the oil up and the concrete clean. The amount of water that was running off was bad and I was concerned about not only the groundwater issue, but also disrupting my customer's business flow.  I decided that there had to be a way to get the concrete clean, the oil up, and keep the enviroment intact.

I began researching the internet, and found Zeolite, a mineral that everyone was claiming would do remarkable things.  Being a pessimist, I was very reluctant, but I decided to order some to see if it would do what they claimed.

I personally tested almost every claim that was made, and found out that most of it was true.  Zeolite is an amazing, inexpensive mineral with remarkable absorbtion power.

I now use Zeolite products, as well as distribute them. I have a much healthier enviroment at home, as Zeolite is absorbing most of the chemicals that I used to have to breathe.  My pets are healthier, my plants grow better, and I have less sinus related illness.  Zeolite has also helped our business to grow as we are able to offer our customers a product and service that is free of chemical and groundwater contamination.

Give me a call today, and let me show you what Zeolite products can do for you. I will be happy to show you what Zeolite can do. Don't take my word for it.  See for yourself.

Mark Grigg, Owner, Absorbtion Solutions.

The History or Story Behind Zeolite

Zeolites were discovered in 1755 by Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrick Cronstedt. Zeolites have been used for years in a variety of applications including water softening, water purification, arsenic control, detergents, construction, enriching poor soils, and converting crude oil into gasoline and other fuels.

Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with a number of unique characteristics. Zeolites are formed when volcanic ash was deposited in ancient alkaline lakes. The interaction of the zolcanic ash with the salts in the lake water altered the ash into various zeolite minerals.

Zeolites have an unusual crystalline structure and aa unique ability to change ions. Our Zeolites are an aluminosilicate whose major ion exchangers are potassium and calcium plus other trace minerals. These elements are arranged within the mineral in a manner that gives the crystal a "honeycomb" framework of channels and cavaties. One gram of Zeolite provides up to several hundred square meters of surface area for chemical actions to take place. This characteristic of Zeolites gives them great absorbing power.

Zeolite Uses

Zeolite Minerals are 100% natural minerals. OSHA has determined that Zeolite products are:


Non Corrosive

Non Flammable


Not Caustic

Not an Irritant

Not a sensitizer in oral, dermal, and ocular per Federal Hazardous Substances Act (15 CFR 1500)

Zeolites are safe to use around food and can be safely ingested, though not recommended. With proper maintainence, these products can be used over and over for years. By laying the product in sunlight for at least 6 hours or baking in the oven for 2 hours, the product will regenerate and can be used for years.

Zeolites naturally creates a healthier enviroment for you and your animals.

Horse stalls and stables, Feedlots, paddocks, animal pens, cat litter boxes, dog pens, pet accidents on carpets, rabbit cages, rodent dusting, chicken coops, aquariums, animal transport systems all can be enhanced using Zeolite.


Place in medicine cabinets, clothes hampers, waste baskets, and carpets to control odors.

Garages, Driveways, Autos and Trucks

Floor sweep, driveway cleaner, car and truck deodorizer, carpets and ashtrays, gasoline and chemical spills, oil absorbtion in garage.

General Household

Elimate freezer and refrigerator odors and moisture, eliminate ice buildup, absorb food odors, carpet odors, outgassing, chemical odors and spills of household chemicals, Purify the air and remove allergens in heating and air conditioning units.

Absorbs Stains, Carpet and Pet Odors, and absorbs the Following Chemicals

Acids, ammonia, antifreeze, bleach, blood, diazinon, diesel, dormant spray, draino, gas from carpet glues,gasoline, insect killers, lighter fluids, lime away, liquid seven, mildew, mold, oils, paints, paint thinner, pool chemicals, pre cleano, roundup, stains, tilex, torch and lamp fuel, turpentine,WD40, WeedBGone, urine.

Great for Hunters

Spray on body and add to detergent before washing clothes to remove the "Human Scent".

Agriculture Uses

Use as a soil enhancer to control mosture, cut flowers, produce, absorbs ethylene gases and ammonia.

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Technical Data

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Product Usage Guide